What do I do in gym?

I used to go jogging/brisk walking. My body weight started to reduce but it reached the plateau soon after. So, I forced myself to enroll in a gym without a personal trainer (PT). They cost a lot, mind you. But for my health sake, I decided to go on with it.

In total I have had 18 sessions with my PT. It is too early to see changes in the weight (apparently weight loss will only start after the 4th month) but I can feel the improvement in my muscle strength. I can lift more weight with ease and do more repetition without feeling very sore the next day. I'm feeling very much comfortable working out on my own without any help and it really feels good to exercise.

What exactly did I do in gym?

Well, for the first few sessions, it is like orientation. The PT will teach you various types of exercise equipments that they have and you will start learning how to use them. The next sessions (at least 2-3 months) will focus on your muscle strength. Its all about weight training - lift, push and pull weight. This is to make sure you are strong enough for the cardio work outs which will involve your stamina and at the end, weight loss.

Besides working out, one also have to take care of the diet. Slowly bring down the percentage of refined carbohydrate and increase consumption of whole-grains. More protien-based food eg. lean meat, boiled chicken without skin and soy, and fruits-vegetables. Lots of water to replace the water lost during workouts (especially after you have started the cardio regime) and lesser sugar/salt/oil intake.

I'll be following up with daily diary of diet & exercise in nutritioday whenever possible. Bookmark it! :)

Workout updates to come..

Today my trainer asked me if I am posting anything about my fitness/workout in the blog. That got me thinking - no! Wonder why I didn't update even a single post on it. Wasted! Anyway, they say it's better late than never right?

Watch this space for my workout/diet updates.. Will update as much as possible ;-)

Green Tea

Do you really believe that a daily consumption of green tea will help in loosing weight?

The answer is Yes. There are considerable amounts of research being done to prove its effect on weight reduction and prevention of other degenerative disorders like Diabetes and Cardiovascular disorders. Green tea is a type of tea made solely with the leaves of Camellia sinensis, that has undergone minimal oxidation during processing. It is rich in antioxidants which is claimed to have beneficial effect in prevention of Cancer and prevention of the progress and cure of Cancer.

Other than the traditional green tea, you can try having mint tea with lemon which has rich flavor and has same antioxidant properties. Just add little honey and you'll never forget the taste and the joy it gives. Hence two cups of greentea is absolutely recommended for healthier life.

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Lycopene is a nutrient which is present in rich amounts in Tomatoes. It is rich in antioxidants. All antioxidants help in Cancer prevention. Antioxidants are those which combine with the harmful free radicals present in our body which are otherwise said to cause cancer. Lycopene is rich in red tomatoes and is said to get absorbed easily when they undergo hot processing before intake.

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