Food Pyramid

Many of you must have heard about 'THE FOOD GUIDE PYRAMID'.
Food pyramid is something which helps in understanding how much
to have and in what amounts. They say it as a 'FIVE FOOD GROUP PLAN'.

1. Cereals and Cereal Products - eat liberally.
2. Pulses and Legumes - eat moderately.
3. Milk and Meat Products - eat moderately.
4. Fruits and Vegetables - eat generously.
5. Fats, Oils and Sugars - eat sparingly.

Though the food guide pyramid is generalized, it may vary from
one individual to another according to their body requirements.
To get your personalized food guide pyramid check this website:

myDiet Plan

Looks like I am losing the shape - thanks to my ever increasing appetite. So now its time for a weight-loss diet plan. Now don't get me wrong. I am not going to follow any of the ridiculous FAD diets in the market. Its going to be a personalized-well-balanced diet plan. What is the point of being a nutritionist when you can't take care of your own diet huh? :P

Sample of a typical diet plan for a day:

Breakfast (7.00am):
1 cup of milo (you need soothing drink in the morning, avoid coffee)
2 pieces of idlee (low calorie - only 70kcal per piece)
3 tabsp of dhall curry (lentils are good for you ;))

Morning snack (10.00am):
1 cup milo (may be can add tiny amount of coffee in it - no harm)
Handful of sunflower seeds

Lunch (1.00pm):
2 wholemeal bread (God knows how I'm going to swallow this)
1 tabsp tuna spread
1/2 bowl lettuce
1/2 tomato
1 apple

Tea-time (5.30pm):
Tea with milk (I'll die without it)
4 pieces of cream crackers

Dinner (8.30pm):
2 pieces of idlee
3 tabsp of dhall curry
2 bananas

Okie now I know what you guys will think...where is the DIET???
hahahaha.. well, a nutritionist would know what I'm talking about here. This is what we call a healthy diet. No fried food (or should I say.. no excessive consumption of fried food?). No snacks (or chips) in between. About 5 servings of fruits and vegetables. No or less caffeine. No alcohol of course. And I have to take few small meals in a day because of my hypoglycemic background. Now, can you think of anything healthier than this?

Fast food issue: a compromise

Looks like its a win-win situation here. While MOH could not push for a total ban of fast food ads, they came up with rather compromising solution.

concurred with the ministry that such advertisements should not be aired during children food outlets will carry announcements on the calorie count of each food item besides stating the average number of calories a person should take a day.......the ministry has total control over fast food advertisements as the companies concerned cannot advertise their fast food without our approval,

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There you go! Hopefully the 'rule' will be around for a long time. We certainly don't want the next Minister to change the whole set of rule.

sick hospital

I am having busy days going through Malaysian newspapers lately! Something is not right about our health / healthcare system? Or is it just me? A report about a 'sick' hospital would definitely catch my eyes. Although its not exactly about nutrition, its patients' health and welfare at stake.

KUALA LUMPUR: It’s barely a year into operations but already Ampang Hospital seems to be falling apart.

The Star checked out the complaints received from the hospital’s staff and patients and found that parts of the ceiling in the paediatric and general wards had collapsed and were not replaced.

The ceiling in the paediatric ward was fungus ridden, while in the ward’s pantry, water was seen dripping from the ceiling.

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Lose the weight babe!!

TANGKAK: Proper exercise and good eating habits are the key to losing weight.

“There is no point wrapping bandages around the waist or thigh if a person does not exercise or eat nutritious food,” Health Minister Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek said.

He explained that if simply by taking slimming tea or pills or wrapping bandages would help people lose weight, then developed countries such as the United States would not be having half its population overweight.

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I think for years, nutritionist been advocating balanced diet and increased physical activity for successful and long term weight loss.However, FAD diets and so called magic-bands seems to take precedence over our advice. Will such statements from the Minister change it all? I am rather sceptical about it. His suggestion on banning of fast food ads did not go well with people, many feel its ridiculous. Probably because everyone will feel guilty over their eating habits. And now slimming tea/pills and bandages? I'm very sure most of mass have resort into these 'solution' for their weight problem. Again, they going to feel offended and start 'kutuking' the Ministry. Ridiculous isn't it?