Very high calorie Malaysian foods

Wonder why you are still not losing that weight (or even worse, putting more weight) lately? Consumption of very high calorie food maybe the reason and these are some of the culprit:

1. Fried rice (>600kcal)

2. Fried chicken 'dinner plate' (>600kcal)

3. Fried chicken 'snack plate' (>600kcal)

4. Mysore Pak (Indian) (>300kcal)

5. Laddu (Indian) (>300kcal)

6. Papadam (>300kcal)

*Photos are for illustration purpose only.


Mun said...

It is true that local food has high Calories. So, while we avoid fast food, we need to watch out what we eat daily too...if we eat out.

Superman said...

I think it's ok, if the calories is around that figure. Just make sure most of the calories should not come from fat. Else, it will helps u in gaining alot of weight. You can eat, but you must exercise if you wanted to maintain your perfect body.

Anonymous said...

The environment too plays a role in the causes of obesity. The family home is an important place to learn about proper nutrition and enough physical activity. Attitudes, Habits, and beliefs about food selection and how to spend family leisure time are critical factors to forming a healthy relationship with food. Children spend a lot of time in school, their food choices at school become important and it was influenced by the school eating environment.