So you wanna do PhD?

I was searching for some 'motivational' articles for me to .. hmm.. well, motivate myself to start up my PhD work and that's when I came across this article.

Try to pick an answer to the question - why you wanna do a PhD from the following answer (be as honest as possible):

  1. I have a diagnosable mental illness
  2. I can’t get a job
  3. I can’t face the real world
  4. I think it would be cool to have ‘Dr’ before my name on my credit cards
  5. I seek to further my knowledge and contribute to the advancement of science in this, my chosen field
  6. I'm too ugly to be a model or an actor or a prostitute
  7. I am impressed by the example set by my television role model, and wish to follow in his/her/its footsteps
  8. Smart chicks are hot
  9. It is a condition of late Uncle Fergus' will that his estate will only go to someone who can withstand severe psychological torture. My cousin is going to join Mossad for their training program
  10. PhD? I was just looking to put my application for the lab tech job, so that I can have a salary and job security and can still wear the funky white coat

And the appropriate answer will be....




Princess said...

hi tulip,

I shall try it when nothing else fits right in my career.. LOL