Upper body work out

My cute boyish looking trainer put me on upper-body-workout today. I hateeeeeeeeee upper body workout [includes arms, shoulder, back & abs]. My trainer always come up with workout using different combination of instruments. What I did today...
1. First, it was a warm-up session - 15mins of cycling at the speed of 60-70 and then, little bit of workout on hamstring & buttocks using 40kg of weight.

2. Next, you got to put down weight of 25kg (1 set) & 30kg (1 set).

3. Immediately followed by another machine where you put the weight vertically - 15kg (1 set), 12.5kg (2 sets).

4. No rest in between.. so quickly got to run to the cable cross. Apparently it is the most versatile exercise equipment. This time, you got to sit on the gym ball and pull the weight (20kg) alternately using your left and right hands (2 sets) and pull using both arms (1set).

Image from design2bfit

5. Quickly run to another equipment where you pull the weight (15kg) up against the gravity by standing up and squatting (1 set).

6. Redo #4 and #5.

7. By now, I am half-dead. But this is not the end, another 10mins on the treadmill. Briskwalk at the speed of 5.5 and at the same time, hold 6lb weight (dumbbell) for 3 mins, the next 1.5min, lift up and down the right dumbbell and 1.5min for the left one. 3mins run (speed = 6.0) with the dumb bell. My problem was not the pain but the fact that I have to balance the dumb bell. The last one min, run at 6.5.

8. I'm officially burned out at this stage. But we have the last stage now - the abs. Normal abs workout - 20 times, with legs lifted up (almost 90 degrees) - 20 times, swinging knees left and right - 20 times. End it with plank (holding your body on your arms) for 20 sec.

9. I'm dead.


Pri said...

phew!! i died reading :-/