Opinion: Let me to do my job

I am a nutritionist; a fairly good one. So what about it? You may ask. The problem here lies with my role of nutritionist, and the task given to me to educate public on nutrition.

What is holding me back from executing my role? It is the industry and the public themselves, mainly. While I am trying not to point finger to only others, I can'thelp it but to fume with anger when I see non-nutritionist (or even worse, poorly trained sales reps) taking the role of nutritionists/dieticians and 'educate' public..or in a way, sell their products!

It is really heart-wrenching to watch sales reps blabbering about the importance of spirulina and 'appropriate' dosage to be taken, after sitting through one or two session of so-called seminar or training given by their respective company.. Worse still when these people called themselves a nutritionist!! 'Hello, excuse me..you are a sales rep, and thats it'.

I was fuming with anger when I met this particular sales assistant in a well-known hypermarket in Malaysia. She was basically giving out free samples of skim milk to the customers, and honestly she should have just sticked to it instead of blabbering about the importance of calcium and the recommended intake of calcium by WHO to me! First of all, we have our very own Recommended Nutrient Intake (2005) for Malaysians and she is practically unaware of it. Of course she wouldn't know because she is not a trained person in the field. While many think it may be harmless for one to use recommendation by others, but the RNI is there for a reason..and that is to suit Malaysians. Besides, she should be just giving out the free samples and talk about her skim milk instead of talking about things she don't know. The public should be educated, not to be confused.

In another incidence, I was walking in a shopping mall and was approached by a sales rep (again) who was 'appearing' as a nutritionist. Pointing at my belly, she said i'm having fat over there and should test the body fat percentage with the body fat monitor that she is having. She claims that it is a free service. Of course, nothing is free in this world. After 'testing' oneself for body fat, he/she will be counselled into buying their slimming products! Duh!! How long people going to fall for this gimmicks? Anyone can handle a body fat monitor, no big deal.. but only trained individuals should be allowed to interprete and counsel others accordingly. Come on, its our job!

Anyone with similar experience?