Opinion: pH Diet

This is another type of diet that caught my eyes..pH Diet.. This diet claims to works on the basis that acid / alkaline balance of our foods needs to complement the pH of our bodies. According to Bharti Vyas (a 'holistic' health and beauty therapist): "Our bodies are alkaline and find it hard to cope with too much acid-forming foods such as cheese, meat, wheat and sugar." These foods claimed to strain our major organs, resulting in wrinkled skin, brittle nails and weight gain (ouuccchhh!!!)

Now answer me this:

  • Are you looking for a radical change to your eating habits and do you have enough willpower to see it through?
  • Do you want to cut back on processed foods?
  • Would you like to stop drinking so much tea and coffee?
  • Do you love vegetables?

If you answer 'yes' to at least 3 of the above questions, Vyas thinks she should prescribe you this 3-level eating plan :P

Level 1

Duration: One - seven days

Aim: To reduce your 'toxic' load by decreasing your intake of processed foods and sweeteners. These encourage the build-up of free radicals, which can lead to premature ageing.

What you should do: Replace coffee, tea and fizzy drinks with water, ginger, green and fruit teas or warm soy milk. Restrict your intake of shop-bought fruit juices which are acidic. Eat your usual breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Level 2

Duration: One - two months

Aim: To increase your alkaline reserves by eating more fruit and veg juices.

What you should do: Start to introduce more of the top 80-alkaline forming foods such as alfalfa (God knows how i'm going to get them in Malaysia), kiwi fruit, oranges ( :D ), raisins, honey and wheat grass into your diet. Improve the quality of your diet by adding more nuts, seeds, substituting cow's milk for soy milk and cuting back on wheat.

Level 3

Duration: On-going

Aim: Maintain alkaline diet.

What you should do: By now your body should be replenished with adequate alkaline reserves, so it is okie to increase the acidic foods that you like to consume.

What I think about pH Diet?

Of course it is my ultimate aim to cultivate a good and health eating habit such as this one. Increasing number of fruits and vegetables in diet, which cutting down salt, sugar and alcohol is what i preach and of course, what i practice. Consumption of antioxidant-rich foods definitely going to make you glow :)

But, I don't quiet agree with the concept of changing one's pH with foods one consume. By right, a person's body should be able to retain a suitable pH through a homeostatis, and i don't see how you going to surpass that process in order to change your blood pH.