Opinion: The yummy curries

We all love curries, don't we? Malaysians and curries are quite inseparable. We need it everyday and we try to incorporate curries into our daily diet in every possible way. Now, seems like its a bonus news for those who loves curries. Some researchers have found that curries could actually better your cognitive function!

Well, actually the cucurmin found in turmeric which are ingredients in curries found to possesses potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. You can read more about it in the Yahoo Health News.

While I'm happy that turmeric, a well-known Indian spice is given it due recognition bit by bit, I'm rather sadden by Indians on the way they treat their very own ancient medicine - Ayurvedic medicine that is. We are believer of the famous phrase - Food is medicine; Medicine is food. Yet, the younger generation seems understand the whole point. Now, you have mothers who are feeding sausages to their kids rather than feeding rice with the nutritious milk. School-going children who prefer to gulp down Coke and munch on fries rather than eat properly cooked rice with curries and vegetables. Even we tend to serve fatty non-vegetarian foods on auspicious days like Deepavali, claiming that we HAVE to serve our non-Indian friends.

Where are we heading? Why someonelse have to point of all the goodness in our traditional foods while we are abandoning it? Are we losing our grip? Interesting views are welcomed but I really hope you will think over it.


Tom Bailey said...

This is a great topic I have reviewed some of your previous materials. Do you have a diet journal of what you eat on this blog someplace?


Ekta said...

oh wow...sounds good...heres to more curry in our lives!!

david santos said...

Very nice
Tank you