myDiet Plan

Looks like I am losing the shape - thanks to my ever increasing appetite. So now its time for a weight-loss diet plan. Now don't get me wrong. I am not going to follow any of the ridiculous FAD diets in the market. Its going to be a personalized-well-balanced diet plan. What is the point of being a nutritionist when you can't take care of your own diet huh? :P

Sample of a typical diet plan for a day:

Breakfast (7.00am):
1 cup of milo (you need soothing drink in the morning, avoid coffee)
2 pieces of idlee (low calorie - only 70kcal per piece)
3 tabsp of dhall curry (lentils are good for you ;))

Morning snack (10.00am):
1 cup milo (may be can add tiny amount of coffee in it - no harm)
Handful of sunflower seeds

Lunch (1.00pm):
2 wholemeal bread (God knows how I'm going to swallow this)
1 tabsp tuna spread
1/2 bowl lettuce
1/2 tomato
1 apple

Tea-time (5.30pm):
Tea with milk (I'll die without it)
4 pieces of cream crackers

Dinner (8.30pm):
2 pieces of idlee
3 tabsp of dhall curry
2 bananas

Okie now I know what you guys will think...where is the DIET???
hahahaha.. well, a nutritionist would know what I'm talking about here. This is what we call a healthy diet. No fried food (or should I say.. no excessive consumption of fried food?). No snacks (or chips) in between. About 5 servings of fruits and vegetables. No or less caffeine. No alcohol of course. And I have to take few small meals in a day because of my hypoglycemic background. Now, can you think of anything healthier than this?


Princess said...


I am really impressed by your effort to create a nutri blog individually.
Wonderful links for journals across the world. I will get a great help out of it. Thanks...