Curvy hips!

Indian models flaunted their flesh at the country’s top fashion event, ditching the skinny look for healthy curves and joining the global backlash against “size zero”. With deeper cleavages and ampler derrieres, Indian models are generally better endowed than their Western counterparts, but that has not stopped them winning top global beauty pageants. India followed Madrid last year by banning underweight models from the catwalk, saying it wanted to project an image of beauty and health, not starvation.

The diktat has forced organisers of India’s Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai to watch out for excessively skinny models.

“We don’t want to project a wrong image and promote unhealthy habits,” said Ravi Krishnan, the event’s consultant. At the five-day show, skirts accentuated curvy hips and sensuous tops revealed plump bust lines, as the focus of designers and local fashionistas seemed to shift to fitness and health rather than the stick-thin look.

The show’s organisers said they ran a check on models to find out if any of them suffered from eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia. The health code applied to male models as well.

Its a dream or what??? Finally the real women with curves are being acknowledged! Hopefully more countries will follow the suit (although France might not).


Lyrically speaking said...

Yeah! So glad to know curves are back in :)

First time here in your blog, just enjoying my stay

Yazi said...

haha, yeah i think when you watch these shows all the skinny bones walking around..

hey i didn realize you were running few blogs... an interesting one on health here....!

thx, good day..

amitscorpio said...

thanx for stopping by at my blog ... well i wonder how you manage so many blogs!!

Nice to hear that the curvy hips are back ... I always feel pity for those models with bones only!! A normal person can't have bones only body and there has to be something wrong when you have a body like that!!
On a different note ... what would you feel when you hug those skinny models ;) !!!