Alcohol and drug rehabilitation

Residential Drug Rehabilitation and Alcohol Rehab centres are not well accepted in this part of the world. I wonder why. In fact, I can't seem to recall if we have a decent drug rehab which specialised in Drug Treatment in Malaysia. Yes, we have Pusat Serenti but that is not what I am talking about. Is it the social stigma surrounding people fighting drug and alcohol addiction? I wonder again.

News of famous Hollywood actors and actresses joining high-class rehabilitation centres flashes our newspapers and online news portals. Paparazzi tag them along like parasites looking for an opportunity to snap a picture or two, proving that they are having issues indeed. If an open and liberal society like the Western treats rehabs with caution, what more conservative country like ours. I think it would take a long time before we could hear some aunties talking about how successful a drug rehab was in treating her son, or how easy it was for her husband to shrug off his obsession with alcohol after checking in into one high class alcohol rehab. We have a long way to go before we can see that happening in our country.

For now, the burden of treating drug abuse and alcoholism in this country fell on the shoulder of health professionals, especially the medical doctors.


rehab said...

Action needs to be taken quickly in these circumstances. Treatment centers work best in this situation, where they can counsel the addict and make this notion of needing to quit even stronger in the addict’s mind.

kayakotto said...

Long term residential treatment is vital to ensuring all issues are addressed fully and resolved. The main issues are cravings, and feeling of guilt and depression that will tend towards relapse if not fully resolved. I found to be very helpful in gaining understanding of this phenomena

Anonymous said...

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Jenifer Lopez said...

The counselors at the drug rehabs centers provide face to face and online drug counseling programs to addicted people. Their counseling is free of cost. They suggest people about the appropriate treatment program for their addiction recovery and also help them to locate treatment center.