I'm an overweight nutritionist

Sad truth. I know.

Its not easy to educate others when we ourselves are not perfect. Well, no one is perfect but that is another story for another day. I will never listen and trust a doctor who smokes. I may be prejudiced but hey, a doctor who preach about good health should do what he preaches. Same goes to me.

Looks cute.. but overweight *sigh, just like me :P

I am a picky eater, careful about my diet and fairly active. No, my weight gain was not due to these two factors but due to some 'interesting' factors which I can't discuss. But that should not be a reason for me to continue to be in this condition isn't it?

I am putting in a lot of effort to lose those extra pounds. Yes, a lot of effort. I have put up a weight loss ticker in tulipspeaks. Hmm.. may be I should put up one here too. Good for self-motivation purpose. Yes, self-monitoring is the key factor to lose the inches by yourself.

As time goes by, I will share more of the tips that I follow, especially if it works! :P


Anonymous said...

thats the spirit gal ..

tulipspeaks said...

thank u! :)

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Hey I got myself a ticker too :D
And you're right about the motivation bit! Coincidently, even I NEED to lose weight which I did not put on in the first place because of over eating or lack of activity ... but because of yet another 'interesting' story.
I've lost 10 kgs so far and it took me LONG because I keep putting it on and somehow its a pain in the rear to maintain it!

I hope I get bck to blogging soon (once my exams are over) and then I can be a bit regular to this blog!

Until then ... Happy Losing (Weight)!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tulipspeaks,

I am also an overweight nutritionist, so know where you are coming from. It is hard to sit on one side of the desk preaching healthy eating (which I do in fact practice) when I'm overweight myself due to lack of exercise and medication.

It is a year since your blog. How has it been?


Unknown said...

I agree. You are doing the right thing. Being fat doesn't mean that you are not a good nutritionist. We all have a different body type.

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