Food shortage?

Just read an article on how to save money by eating at home. The interview was given by Assoc Prof Dr Mirnalini from UPM, my former supervisor (for Master Degree). Sharing some excerpts of the interview:

Universiti Putra Malaysia associate professor Dr Mirnalini Kandiah said eating at home has added benefits, even if it was a simple meal.

"Instead of eating nasi lemak and nasi minyak which has added fats, Malaysians should opt for simpler meals prepared at home..... foods like nasi lemak and roti canai were generally unhealthy as they lack the neccesary nutrients. She also stressed the fact that food at eateries can be high in fat.

"We should cut down on rice meals because prices (of rice) will increase given all this talk about shortage. And this will have serious implications for the nutritional status of the poor and undeserved population, whose main source of energy comes from rice..

....while rice consumption was not linked to being overweight, reducing one's rice intake would help a person lose weight.

"You are reducing the main source of energy in your diet, so there is less to store.

Read the full article in NST.