Dietary Tips For the Expectant Mothers

Below are some important dietary tips for expectant mothers in really simple terms.

1. The meals should be frequent small meals rather than 3 big meals.
2. Include 5-6 servings of fruits and vegetables - it will help to avoid constipation.
3. Avoid more of sweets - in case of increased blood sugar which has arised because of pregnancy.
4. More dietary fibre should be included.
5. Calcium rich diet is recommended - can have calcium supplements also.
6. Fatty rich foods, fried foods, excessive seasoning etc can be avoided in case of gastric distress and nausea.
7. Take 3 cups of milk or its equivalent daily.
8. Have green leafy vegetables liberally which are rich in iron along with citrus fruits.
9. Have at least two fruits a day.. e.g., pomegranate and orange; apple and guava etc..
10. Egg, fish, meat or pulses - 2 servings per day.
11. Dry fruits can be added in minimum amounts
12. Chikkis like groundnut chikki can also be included.
13. In case of oedema and hypertension restrict sodium (salt).
14. Have plenty of water; not along with meals but after and in between meals.
15. For fruit juices do not add sugar.
16. You can have fluids like coconut water also.

[These are generalized dietary guidelines. Please consult your physician and/or dietitian for more specific guidelines.]